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Florian Stadler

Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Project Manager

The deliberate and careful use of our natural resources is our greatest duty to future generations. In order to avoid that a shortage of energy, raw materials and drinking water will become a problem that shapes our future society, the cornerstones for tomorrow must be laid today.

Optimizing thermal processes and using waste heat can already be a huge contribution to this issue.

UAS has relaunched an old principle, called the ORC process, in a new way. The UAS ORC system "orcodile“ can increase the electrical power of a cogeneration plant up to 10 % by means of its exhaust heat. Umwelttechnologie

As a strong partner UAS assists you in finding solutions for energetic process optimization with custom solutions.

bluetec | Efficiency meets environment

UAS is very ambitious in promoting energyefficient process technologies. The new label “bluetec” is a symbol for energy efficiency and sustainability. Equipment with a very high capability and produced on the highest quality level is marked with this special sign. The focus is laid on responsibility for mankind and environment.

The meaning of bluetec

bluetec stands for machines, equipment and plants which

  • are innovative and of high capacity
  • are saving resources
  • are highly environmentally beneficial

bluetec is the first standardised indicator for energy and media efficiency as well as environmental compatibility of equipment and plants in the history of UAS.

The aim of bluetec

UAS supplies equipment and plants

  • with the lowest energy and media consumption
  • manufactured out of the most environmental friendly charge materials
  • with the lowest emissions