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Danfoss VLT Info

Danfoss VLT Info

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People were always fascinated by the use of motors for support and relief of their working force. Today electromotors run in nearly every part of automation.

A special focus lies on the different ways to control the motors by the use of frequency converters for speed control.

As a Danfoss system partner weprovide all possible drive solutions, such as applications for the control of PM motors or of high-power devices with a power range up to 1.4 MW.

The usage of frequency-controlled drives offers a high level of energetic savings, which is often not yet exhausted. Besides delivering needed components,we also support you in compiled drive solutions, special and individual drive tasks.

Autorisierter DANFOSS-SYSTEMPARTNER seit über 30 Jahren

Your benefits

  • one contact person for complete drive solutions
  • 365 days / 24 h service hotline, pickup and delivery service
  • delivery of Bauer gear motors
  • innovative products such as motors with integrated frequency converter, aseptic motors, programmable application controllers and fieldbus systems
  • customized application software
  • services in consulting, support, after sales service, support and training
  • Clean Grid Solution Guide